Things to do in Kiskunhalas and its surrounding area


Day 1:
Even if you are only planning to spend a handful of hours in Kiskunhalas, you should still not miss seeing the Lace House, where you can become familiar with a lace-sewing tradition stretching back over a hundred years. From there a short stroll will take you into the town centre. On the way you will pass the Kuruc Statue and Szilády Grammar school and when you reach the main square you can see the Town Hall, the Reformed Church with its “Sinners’ Stone”, and some public statues. After that you might want to view the Thorma Museum (Köztársaság utca 2.). Lunch can be enjoyed at the Matéza restaurant (Bethlen tér) or the Csipke Hotel (Semmelweis tér 16.). After a little rest, the afternoon can be spent at the thermal baths (Nagy-Szeder István utca). The evening is rounded off with wine-tasting in the cellars of the Halasi Borászati Kft. company (Batthyány u. 54.). Price: 6.500 HUF per person



Day 2:
The morning begins at the Community Centre (Bokányi Dezső utca 8.), where you can see a short presentation on the history of Kiskunhalas and also its present (Lajos Káposzta: 20/9466-727). There are frequently exhibitions in this building, which are also worth seeing. It is then time to start on a walk with two destinations. The first is the Roman Catholic church of the Alsóváros quarter, which was built in the time of Empress Maria Theresa and which secretes many architectural treasures. After that you can view the Synagogue, which is still a place of worship today (the only one of its kind in the county), where apart from having a professional guided tour, you can also meet the culture and lifestyle of its contemporary congregation. We recommend the nearby Tiszti Klub (Köztársaság utca) for lunch, where there are always several fixed meals. After time for digestion, the rest of the day brings squash (Esze Tamás lakótelep 10.) and fitness activities (Pulzus Sport- és Szabadidőközpont, Keceli út 2.). Price: 7.000 HUF per person.




Day 3:
This day’s tour starts from the II. Rákóczi Ferenc Technical School (Kossuth utca 39.). Here you can see the Collection of Hunting Trophies. A few minutes away is the Old Reformed Cemetery, where one can stroll among gravestones that are many hundreds of years old. Another 15 minutes will take you to the Sáfrik Windmill, which is well worth seeing in the company of a guide. The statue park of the twin towns of Kiskunhalas next to the mill is ideal for taking a rest in afterwards. Lunch may be taken at either the Blonder Söröző beer house or the Sóstói Csárda inn. These two places are a little far to walk to, but by car they are both only a few minutes’ drive. An enjoyable afternoon programme would be a walk in the forest and sand hills by Lake Sóstó in the company of Ternyák Jenő (tel.: 20/941-9913). At the end of an active day, perhaps watching a film at the local cinema, which is in the building of the Town Hall, will be welcome. Price: 4.500 HUF per person.




Day 4:
The first target this morning is the sweet factory of Halas Bonbon Édesipari Kft. (Szatmári Sándor utca 33.), where visitors can see chocolates being made and taste them, too. On the way you can see several old “cottage-town houses”. A few steps from the factory is the Halas Gallery, which can be found inside the Végh House (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 5.). Here you can see paintings by Balázs Diószegi and other important local artists. A tour of the gallery led by a museologist and a little quiz will occupy young and old alike. For lunch we recommend the Matéza restaurant (Bethlen tér) or the Termál restaurant (Dr. Monszpart László u. 4.). It is worth devoting the afternoon to local agriculture. You can get to know the unique Hungarian product (“Hungaricum”), paprika, at a processing factory. After that it is time to head for the village of Balotaszállás. There is a little exhibition and also the chance to stroll among the grapevines. This is the most interesting in autumn, when the harvest is taking place. Next to the vineyard is the “Thatched Cellar” of the Veltelini Kft. company. If you pop in, you can enjoy a good Hungarian stew to the accompaniment of the music of the Szilaj Zither Orchestra. Price: 7.000 HUF per person



Day 5:
Morning begins with tasting fruit brandy at the premises of the Aranykapu Rt. firm in Kunfehértó. Then a horse-drawn coach ride awaits, which will take you past the most beautiful natural sights of the area (Lake Sóstó, flower meadows, forests, sand hills). This route can be done on foot, too, with the qualified guiding of Iván Kovács (30/2-490-977; www.zoldsport.hu,  ivinform@freemail.hu). Lunch can be taken on a farm and it should be the speciality dish of Kiskunhalas, sour liver. Music is provided by the Ördöngös folk group and members of the Halas Dance Ensemble will display their folk dances and even teach one or two. After a rest in the afternoon, there is a theatrical performance, which is held (depending on numbers) either at the Community Centre or the visitors’ accommodation. This could be a comedy, something more serious or perhaps a show by the now-familiar Halas Dance Ensemble. Anyone who is still not tired out, can party the night away at the Dance Tuning Disco. Price: 8.500 HUF per person