Január Február Március Április Május Június
Kiskunhalas   Rákóczi Cup – International Football Tournament for secondary schools   Bibó Cup International Handball Invitation Competition Sándor Nagy Kálózi International Athletics Competition

Town Day Celebrations
András Kántor Veteran Drivers and Motor Cyclists Memorial Competition

The Day of Birds and Trees

Kisszállás         Meeting of Folk Dance Groups  
Kunfehértó Pigeon and small animal exhibition       First week: season-opening fishing competition Village Fete  
Pirtó         Tractor driving in the sandhills  

“Radio Ball”

1st: May Day

Zsana       Third Saturday: Show jumping competition    
  Július Augusztus Szeptember Október November December
Kiskunhalas   Halas Weeks’ Festival International Harvest Festival ‘Astronomy Days’   Péter Tulit International Gymnastics Memorial Competition

17th-20th: Village Days, Felső-Bácska Two-in-Hand Competition 20th Saint Stephen’s Day Church Festival

Balotaszállás round of the Bács-Trophy off-road driving champion-ship Harvest Festival    

3rd-4th weekend
Kötöny Days


Mid-month: Carpathian Festival of Kelebia


Mid-month: Celebration of the Village’s Foundation

Kisszállás   20th: Village Fete   Mid-month: Meeting of Folk Song Choirs    
Kunfehértó “Kunfehértó Summer” series of events (second weekend): Beer Festival

“Kunfehértó Summer” series of events

24-hour fishing competition
Last weekend: Harvest Festival     Christmas Concert

20th:Village Fete, Street Ball

Catholic Parish feast, Harvest Parade      

Weekend around 1st of month: Town Fete

Saint Anne’s Church Festival in square before church

Mid-month: Pop & Rock Concerts until dawn at the football field

19th: Singing Meeting of Upper-Bácska Pensioners’ Clubs (Tompa Days)

20th: Municipal series of celebrations (Tompa Days)

Final Saturday: Harvest Ball and Parade



“Everybody’s Santa Claus, Everybody’s Christmas”


First Sunday: International Folk Dance Festival

First week: Craft camp

20th: Village Fete

ast weekend: Harvest Ball