Cycling in Kiskunhalas and its Environs



A cycle path can be found running alongside main road 53; in the other streets of the town, the road must be shared with the cars. Some good tours can be planned around the town. If we wish to simply ride, we should choose the so-called “Olajosok útja”. This quiet road is to the north of the town – beginning after a right turn before Lake Sóstó. There is not much traffic on it and taking an easy tempo, we can admire the wonders of the local environment. If we follow the road to its end, we will cover up to 40 km, during which the picnic basket can be emptied of course. The distances by road of the neighbouring settlements are: Kunfehértó 11-13 km; Pirtó 8 km; from Pirtó to Tázlár approximately 6 km. From Tázlár we need to pedal 6 km on the road between Soltvadkert and Kiskunmajsa to reach the aforementioned “Olajosok útja” and another 14-15 km will bring us back to Kiskunhalas. Balotaszállás is 11 km away. Those with enough stamina could try a 40-km route by leaving Kiskunhalas, going through Zsana and taking the good-quality though hardly-used road to Kiskunmajsa, which passes the gas storage works, turning left at its end to pass Harkakötöny and return to Halas. Of course, these tour routes can be combined, too.




There is no cycle hire business in the town. Secure places to leave bicycles include the inner courtyards of the Lace House and the Thorma Museum (we mustn’t forget to lock them, however). Cycle repairs: Kiskunhalasi Járműbolt, Kiskunhalas Kossuth u. 18. tel.: 77/422-381; e-mail: szory@tvnetwork.hu.





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