True Pearls can Sometimes be Found Hidden in the Sand 


Dear Guest,
Allow me, with the aid of this website, to invite you for a virtual tour of Kiskunhalas and its surrounding towns and villages. This part of the Great Hungarian Plain attracts nature lovers with its landscapes of vineyards and orchards, its sandhills with woods and juniper bushes, its reed-fringed lakes, and its rich stock of game. More and more people are also visiting the area for recreation in its atmospheric villages and horse farms or at its thermal spas. Active relaxation is guaranteed by great opportunities for hiking, riding and playing sport and there are plenty of cultural events, too. The hand-sewn lace of Kiskunhalas is a world-famous unique Hungarian product. Traditional festivals such as the “Halas Weeks” or the “Kunfehértó Summer” have become international attractions. During local celebrations you can enjoy the wines of the region, and also the culinary delights and folk traditions of each town or village. You can even get to know a little about their twin towns, too. A round driving tour of only 60 km will take travellers to many exciting destinations.
If the sights you see on this virtual tour take your fancy, we will be pleased to help you to organize your itinerary, so that by the time we meet in reality we may already be good friends!


We look forward to seeing you…




István Gyovai

President of the Halas Multi-Target Micro-Region Association