A Wine Tour – “Only for the Brave”





To get to know the fine wines of the surrounding area, we must step outside of the Kiskunhalas micro-region.




Our starting point is the premises of the Kiskunhalasi Borászati Kft company, where we can taste Kiskunhalas Blue Frankish and Zweigelt. The firm grows its grapes on its own land and they have the most up-to-date containers and vats, a gantry for the wooden barrels, and a modern bottling plant. The company is a regular entrant in the wine competitions of the Hungarian Plain and Lesser Cumania. Among its many gold-medal winning wines, Green Veltelini stands out – this is also the “flagship wine” of the local organization of “Wine Knights” known as Cultores Moris Redemptionis Borlovagrend. Groups may visit the cellars and take part in wine-tastings by appointment.
Address, contacts: 6400 Kiskunhalas, Batthyány u. 54.
Tel./fax: +36 77/422-228, +36 77/420-011.

E-mail: info@halasibor.hu





Our next stop is the FrittmannBorászat winery in the town of Soltvadkert. Its owner, János Frittmann, won the title “Winemaker of the Year” in 2007 – an accolade which is the most prestigious in the profession, with a place secured among the names of previous winners in the hall of fame of the House of Hungarian Wines. At this winery we may choose from among the Winemaker of the Year’s favourites, which include Sauvignon Blanc, Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Merlot and Blue Frankish. The “flagship wine” of the local organization of “Wine Knights” known as the “Krämer Fülöp Borlovagrend” is Ezerjó, which is grown over the largest area locally. The late-harvested Ezerjó and wines from specially-treated barrels are also recommended. We can even enjoy supper with our wine. Address, contacts: 6230 Soltvadkert, Eötvös u. 5.
Tel.: +36 78/482-690,
E-mail: info@frittmann.hu, www.frittmann.hu.
Appointments for groups: +36 30/9255-701.




Let us now pop into the István Borház wine house of Kiskőrös, where visitors can also enjoy horse-drawn coach rides. Here we should by all means order the “Peasant’s Platter”, which comes highly recommended by our host and never proves a disappointment! The István wine house is a stage on the “Hungarian Wine Route Rally” during which famous artists, politicians, journalists and other public figures drive around the country visiting the wine-producing regions and calling on well-known winemakers. We can taste the “flagship wine” of the local “Gondűző” Wine Knights, Kadarka, which is a typical and native wine of the region. As well as the quality dry red wines like Blue Frankish and Zweigelt, tasting the Rhenish Riesling of Lesser Cumania is also strongly recommended. Address, contacts: 6200 Kiskőrös, Izsáki út. 10.
Tel.: +36 78/511-070, fax: +36 78/311-748
e-mail: istvanborhaz@emitelnet.hu



Our next port of call is the Veltelini Kft company in the village of Balotaszállás. The cellars are to be found in the south of Balotaszállás, 18 km from Kiskunhalas among vineyards by the road which leads to Öttömös. Close to the winemaking plant there is the “Thatched Cellar” ready for guests to partake in wine-tastings, which can also accommodate up to forty people for hot or cold meals. Visitors can help with the grape harvest in autumn or simply taste the different varieties of grape straight from the vine. Address, contacts: Kiskunhalas, Széchenyi u. 14.
Tel: +36 20/473-0759
Works and cellar: 6412 Balotaszállás, 4. körzet 1.



Our Wine Tour concludes not at a winery, but at a factory that prepares quality fruit brandies. This is the premises of the Arany Kapu Rt. company in the village of Kunfehértó, which produces spirits. After the careful selection of ingredients, the drinks are – sometimes after long maturation – bottled in the plant. The “Halas Fruit Brandy” product family has 7 varieties and is presented in 0.5 litre bottles which have pictures of Halas Lace on their labels. Naturally there is the opportunity to taste them. The Halas Pear Brandy and Cherry Brandy are recognized “Hungaricums” – that is: they have been chosen to feature among a select group of products awarded the status “special product of Hungary”. The company’s range includes Halas Pear Brandy, Halas Cherry Brandy, Green Nut Liqueur, and Moulin Noir Brandy V.S.O.P.

Address, contacts: Arany Kapu Rt.

6413 Kunfehértó, IV. körzet 6.
Tel.: +36 77/507-000, +36 77/407-044